Mr. Tuffy Will Get You Home
No matter where you ride, Mr. Tuffy will get you home. These 4XL series teal coloured Mr. Tuffy Bicycle Tyre Liners are suitable for 20", 26" and 29" x 4.1-5.0" fat tyres and absolutely, positively - will not cause tyre or tube damage - or loosen the spokes on your bike. Put simply, Mr. Tuffy liners prevent puncture flats. When placed between the tyre and the tube, they provide a protective layer between any external road hazards and your inner tube.

Strong Stuff!
Mr. Tuffy liners are made of durable, lightweight Urethane (known for its highly elastic properties) fused with an impenetrable hardened strip to offer just the right amount of resistance to any foreign object which might penetrate your tyre. Thorns, glass, road debris and other tyre penetratives are effectively blocked from reaching the inner tube. Mr. Tuffy liners are also bio-degradable and reusable, making them the world's most eco-friendly tyre liners on the market.


• Mr Tuffy Fat Bicycle Tyre Liners for 20-26-29inch x 4.1-5.0inch
• Dual layer Urethane strip fused with Micro-Shell layer
• Easy Installation - No gooey mess
• Will not cause tyre or tube damage-or loosen spokes
• Shields against punctures from tyre penetration
• Two rolls per pack to protect both wheels
• Gentle on inner tubes
• Tough on thorns and broken glass
• Bio-degradable and reusable
• Weighs less than liquid fills and thorn-resistant tubes
• The world's leading flat-tyre preventive for over 30yrs
• Not suitable for mopeds, motorcycles or cars

• Contents: 2 x rolls
• Size: 4XL series
• Suits: Fat Tyres (bicycle)
• Wheel Sizes: 20", 26", 29" (29er)
• Width: 99mm
• Thickness: 1mm
• Weight: 285g per roll
• Country of Manufacture: USA


Brand Mr Tuffy

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