You usually get a puncture when it's the worst possible time (in the rain, at night, or both)...throw on some tyre liners and say 'bye-bye' to most punctures on the road! Now for a Great Price, you can enjoy rides without stopping to fix flats!
Please note: You get 2 tyre liners, one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel.
• Lightweight - Weighs less than liquid fills and thorn-resistant tubes.
• Recyclable - Use from bike to bike.
• Adds Bike Safety - Gives bicycle a smooth, stable ride.
• Easy Installation - No gooey mess.
• Absolutely, Positively - Will not cause tire or tube damage-or loosen spokes.
• Ride Flat Free! Mr. Tuffy is a remarkable tire liner made of durable, lightweight polyurethane. When inserted between the bike tire and tube, it provides a protective layer between road hazards and the inner tube. Thorns or glass that may penetrate the tire are blocked from the inner tube.


Brand Mr Tuffy

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