Mr Tuffy prevents puncture flats.
When placed between tyre and tube, it provides a protective layer between road hazards and the inner tube. Thorns or glass that may penetrate the tyre are blocked from the inner tube. Proven tough for over three decades Mr Tuffy has been the world's leading flat-tyre preventive with millions upon millions of satisfied cyclists.
Mr Tuffy Ultra Lite, premium tyre liners weigh 50% less than standard tyre liners, how did they do it? We wanted to extend flat tyre protection to avid cyclists who previously felt the added weight was too high a price to pay for the convenience of flat-free cycling.


• Lightweight: Weighs less than liquid fills and thorn-resistant tubes
• No gooey mess
• Purple Series for flat tyres
• Prevents and stops flats from glass, thorns and other road hazards
• Will not cause tyre or tube damage-or loosen spokes
• Purple Fits: 29" 2.0 -2.35


Brand Mr Tuffy

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